About iAcademy

iAcademy is an educational social entrepreneurship led by two Cambridge University graduates - Dr Benson Soong (PhD in Education) and Mr. Kelvin Ng (MBA) - who passionately believe that education is the best social leveler, and seek to bring affordable, internationally recognized tertiary education to emerging markets void of such qualifications. Leveraging on our Cambridge network, we have more than 10 academic associates, most of whom are also Cambridge graduates and we carry out our mission by working closely with selected local educational partners and internationally-recognised universities, and this tripartite relationship often brings about real and impactful educational change in the communities we operate in. For example, the tripartite partnership between London Metropolitan University, Islington College (Nepal), and iAcademy has provided Bachelor degree programmes in Computing (Computing, Computer Networking and IT Security and Multimedia Technologies) and Business Administration specialisations (International Business, Marketing, Finance) since 2011 to more than 1,000 Nepalese students in Kathmandu. The partnership is the first to bring British tertiary education in Nepal, and this success has brought about a win-win situation to all stakeholders, especially the Nepalese undergraduate who can now complete their UK tertiary education in Nepal. We are particularly proud that this achievement has been lauded by the local community as an education revolution in Nepal. Additionally, iAcademy gives back to the communities in which we operate in. For example, iAcademy is a corporate sponsorship and patron of Kathmandu-based Aayam Nepal Children's Home, a government social-welfare registered orphanage.

We also serve as the Partnership & Financial Management Agent for our University partners in specific countries. For example, we have Partnership & Financial Management Services Agreements with Plymouth University and London Metropolitan University for Nepal.

We are proud to be advised by Professor Neil Mercer, who is Professor of Education at Cambridge University.